Booking Your Travel to Maldives or Things to Keep in Mind

16 Feb 2022
Booking Your Travel to Maldives or Things to Keep in Mind
Posted by: Shivam

A collection of more than 1000 coral islands Maldives is one of the most amazing islands in the world. If you have an island holiday on mind Maldives holiday package is a must to consider adding to the list. Maldives Resorts sounds and are great fun to be.

However, considering that all these are located on private islands with no way to connect to the city, a great deal of care should be taken while booking your Maldives tour package. Here is a list of few things which you must always keep in mind while booking a Maldives Holiday package.

1. Budget

Although this sounds too obvious to be on the first thing on the list, However, considering that Maldives hosts resorts which start from 3-4 star categories and goes up to extreme luxury with private butlers, underwater restaurants and many more luxurious activities. Considering the huge variation in the price range of various resorts in Maldives and for that matter the prices largely vary within the Maldives resorts by room types as well, there is a great need to firstly decide on a budget which you are going to spend on your Maldives tour package.

2. Airport Transfers are expensive

Since your Maldives resort is located on a private island, there is no public transport or taxis available using which you can reach your resort and private transfers to these resorts are often very expensive. More often than not people tend to get carried away by cheap deals available on online website which only includes the accommodation and does not the transfers to the Maldives resorts. Often people fall prey to the attractive price with only to realize later, that the deal which sounded too sweet was actually not that sweet and they now will have to spend a couple of 100's of USD to book their transfers to the resort separately. It is highly advised to take assistance from a reputed travel agent to book your Maldives Holiday package in order to ensure that you get an all inclusive deal and do not end up spending unanticipated fees.

3. Choose the right meal plan

As you are going to be in the Maldives Resort, which is built on a private island and with everything including the food being priced not so reasonably, it is extremely important to choose the right meal plan based on your preferences, often Maldives Resorts offer four Meal plans.

a) Breakfast only (Includes only breakfast)

b) Half Board (Includes breakfast and dinner)

c) Full Board (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)

d) All inclusive (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Plus Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages)

It is advisable to at least opt for a Half Board meal plan when booking your Maldives tour package. However, if you are going to Maldives for celebrating your special occasion, such as Honeymoon, Anniversary or Birthday and wish to indulge in food and drinks, then it makes more sense to go for and All inclusive meal plan.

4. Choose the right room type

Unlike traditional hotels, where the major difference between the higher category and lower category rooms is the room size and difference in amenities provided, Maldives Resorts have divided their rooms broadly into two major category, accommodation on land and accommodation on water. This special category of rooms built over the water are often referred to as Overwater Villas or Water Bungalows. Although the price of overwater room category is much more expensive as compared to the Land based rooms. However, when buying a Maldives tour package one must always include 1-2 nights in the overwater room category to experience this unique concept.